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Will my child be talented enough to play guitar? 

Are you worried about whether your child is going to be able to learn the guitar? Maybe you are worried they don’t have the rhythm for it, or the ear. 

If you are having doubts about your child’s musical ability because you think they are not talented enough. Then I want to help. 

How does talent relate to success on the guitar? 

A lot of people think they aren’t talented, but really. Talent is a very small factor in whether someone in successful in doing something. Some people may have a natural tendency to enjoy one thing over something else, and end up spending more time on it. This maybe art, maths, music from a young age. From that it manifests in people thinking that they are “gifted”.  

Outside of someone being passionate about something being a contributing factor of their success, hard work and dedication is also very important. 

They say it takes 10,000 hours of proper practise for anyone to master any skills. 

This is true even for one of the most talented individuals ever lived: Mozart. 

Mozart was known as a child prodigy. He was touring with his elder sister from the age of 6. 


Little did people know he was surrounded by music from both his sister and his father from the moment he was born. His sister practised piano non-stop near him, and as a way to win his father’s attention. He begged his father, who was a music instructor, to also teach him. 

It was through both his passion, willingness to learn, hours of practise under supervision that created this “genius”. 

Even then, it took Mozart about 10 years, (about 10,000 hours of proper practise) for him to start composing and creating master pieces on the piano. 

Effort vs talent

This is an important concept to help you and your child as well. 

It’s essential that you reward them for working hard towards learning the guitar and focus on the learning process. Without massive amount of effort, no one, can become a master of someone instantly. 

And if they enjoy the learning process, it means they can continue on and never stop. 


How can I help them then? 

The best thing for you to do, is to be supportive of their practising at home. Be patient with them. Help bring out the passion for music, whether that’s listening to new music with them. Taking them to concerts. Supporting them when they want to perform for their friends or family. Giving them the opportunities to do so. 

Music is such a wonderful thing that has so many benefits for children as they grow and their brain develops. 

Keep them motivated by communicating with the guitar teacher what sort of music they enjoy, and incorporating that into the lessons. Make sure the lessons are fun and engaging for them as well. And they have a teacher who is able to help them in the areas they enjoy too. If they really enjoy pop music, then it may not be best to have them study with a classical guitar teacher for example. 

Hope this has helped settled your mind. Whether your child has already started studying guitar or about to. 

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