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Get Your Child Guitar Lessons That Allow Them To Explore Music In A Fun Environment

For most kids, their first experience with music is an act of exploration. Unfortunately, due to the format of traditional guitar lessons, many quit their lessons believing music isn’t for them.


The typical guitar lesson in Rochester:

1. Far too many kids never get past the challenging beginning stage of playing the guitar and they give up. Once your child puts down the guitar they rarely pick it up again.

2. Some guitar teachers leave your kids toiling alone with impossible practice exercises after sessions and they make little progress, don’t have any fun and eventually give up.

3. Not having an outlet to play their guitar in front of others or play music with other kids means missing out on a huge part of the learning process of playing the guitar.

4. As well as being a good teacher it’s crucial whoever you choose to teach your kids to learn to play the guitar understands how to make learning fun and use natural motivational techniques.

Public school already makes big demands on your kids. It’s important that learning the guitar doesn’t feel like school!

Benefits of Rochester’s School of Guitar

  1. We use games and activities that we’ve developed over the last decade to bring learning guitar to life.
  2. Classes are fun which means that children look forward to coming to them, and get results.
  3. We have designed our classes so that your children get to learn and play music with other kids so they can really experience the full capacity of what the guitar has to offer.
  4.  Your child will always get personalized teaching and learning materials tailored to their unique situation so we can produce the best results possible for your child.
  5. We believe that improving life skills such as learning how to enjoy the learning process or tackle challenges should be a natural by product of learning the guitar.
  6. At Rochester’s school of guitar we have a decade-long track record of many kid students who still love playing the guitar.

Choosing the right guitar teacher for you child makes all the difference – you could have the next guitar hero in your house, or a child who believes guitar isn’t for them. At Rochester’s School of Guitar we have the experience, knowledge, and program to get your kid learning and loving the guitar.

I am 100% confident that your child’s experience with Rochester’s School of Guitar will be much more beneficial and fun for them than traditional lessons. Take the time to find out yourself:

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The youngest student we take on is eight-years-old

Madelyn (3rd-year student): “I definitely prefer this style more than the previous lessons I took. The last place was small, crowded, and it was just me and the teacher. Also, we just learned out of a book. This has been a lot more fun and a lot easier, too.”
Evan (3rd-year student): “I’ve enjoyed practicing chords and rhythm, because then you can put them together and play songs!”
Mark (2nd-year student): “I’ve enjoyed group classes more than privates; there’s more humor and more energy in the room.”
Sofia (2nd-year student): “Learning about guitar is fun! Everyone is friendly and funny!”

Frequently Asked Questions.

1. What if my kid doesn’t practice on their own?

Practicing is a habit – like brushing their teeth, kids don’t naturally do this – you will need to remind them to practice. I would also change your expectations; it will be a while before your kid starts to practice without you reminding them to do so. That’s okay; it doesn’t mean they don’t like a guitar or don’t like lessons. Learning how to practice will be a great life skill they can use later on in life.

You don’t need to become a drill sergeant and make them sit there for 30 minutes. This will make them hate practicing. Have your kid start off small; have them practice for 5 minutes and work up to 10 or 15 minutes. If they can do this a couple/a few times a week, they will know their parts and be able to play with the rest of the class.

On a side note, we have each kid take home a practice log with assignments that are easy to understand for the parents to aid you in this. Ask to see it. A friend of mine – who also happens to own a guitar school – wrote a great article about this; I support it completely. If you would like more detail, feel free to read the article below.

Music Lessons: What To Expect 6 Months To 10 Years

2. My child is very shy, will this method work for her?

This method of instruction is great for shy children! She will be able to find other children who are interested in what she’s learning, so she will continue to make more friends. She will also build confidence in herself as she continues to improve as a player!

If you’re looking for ways to get your shy child to open up, this is the best guitar lesson approach in Rochester that you can take.

3. What if I buy an expensive instrument, and then my child does not stick with the lessons?

This fear is a self-fulfilling prophecy of sorts. If you buy your child a cheap guitar, and he doesn’t like the feel or sound of the guitar, there’s a higher chance that he will not want to continue learning.

But if you buy your child a decent guitar that he thinks is really cool, sounds great, and is fun to play, the chances are much greater that he will continue to be excited to play the instrument and continue to learn.

If you want your child to have a greater chance at success, I would recommend buying them a nicer instrument.

4. What if I don’t have enough time to drive my kids around to all the lessons?

No problem! All lessons are designed to be convenient and to allow for flexibility, so you can come when you’re ready.If your child has a school test, for example, you won’t need to come. And if you want to run to the supermarket and fit the guitar lessons in within other errands, you would be able to do so.

Rochester’s School of Guitar provides the most flexible schedule for children looking to take guitar lessons in Rochester.

5. My daughter has taken lessons before and she didn’t like them. What if she has the same experience at your school?

I am very confident that she will have a different experience here, because the teaching method is completely different. Different method, different result. I also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so that you have an entire month to decide if this style of instruction is right for her.