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Welcome to Rochester's School of Guitar, Rochester’s only music school dedicated exclusively to playing the guitar. Whether you’re a hobbyist just looking to learn how to play some songs, a kid looking to have fun and explore music for the first time, or a veteran guitar player looking to sharpen his chops and move up to that next level, Rochester’s School of Guitar can help!

Rochester’s School of Guitar offers a unique, individualized service, with no one-size-fits-all programs. Please click on the link for the type of lesson that you’re looking for:
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No One-Size-Fits-All Programs

Rochester’s School of Guitar is the only guitar school in Rochester that can provide you with a wide variety of possible programs to meet your specific needs.



Guitar lessons for children run differently, have a different focus, and are simply taught differently than guitar lessons for adults. There are a variety of lesson types available. Many students have individual lesson schedules that differ greatly from one another, because each plan is based on their particular needs and goals.

The best part is that, as the years go by and your skills grow and develop, there will always be new guitar lesson programs available to you, keeping up with each advancement that you make.

Typically, only a couple of tired old guitar lesson options are offered (30-minute private lesson or 1-hour private lesson) that you could find anywhere.
Qualified Teachers
All instructors are qualified and trained in teaching the concepts that are specifically targeted towards the guitar, as well as any type of technique or skill that you would ever want to learn. This training is ongoing and never stops, because there’s always something new to learn!



Rochester’s School of Guitar keeps up with all of the latest guitar lesson training methods via the Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle. The EGTIC is a group of international guitar teachers led by master guitar teacher Tom Hess. Training sessions take place year round, highlighted by two weeks of in-person training outside of Chicago.

Lots of money and time is invested in this training, but the results speak for themselves!

You’ll see teachers who have degrees in guitar performance, music theory, or songwriting, but in many cases, they actually have no teaching background at all. They also usually never have had any teacher training, and they don’t work to improve their skills as a teacher.
Geometric Teaching method
At Rochester’s School of Guitar, instruction is based on a geometric teaching method that’s designed to get you to have more fun, learn faster, and learn better. This is an all-encompassing 5-step process that will allow you to become a  total-package guitar player. Give this great guitar teaching method a shot for one year, and you’ll be surprised how much-and how quickly-you will grow! The other guitar lessons in Rochester have no consistent teaching methodology. Lessons tend to be winged lessons: “What song do you want to learn? Great, I’ll show you the chords.” Some will also be taught based on method books that are not catered to a student’s individual needs.



If there is a method of instruction at all, it tends to be a linear method which makes the journey to becoming a good guitar player much longer.

Music is a bunch of skills executed at the same time. If you only focus on one skill at a time, not only will you get bored, but your other skills will dissipate as you switch focus from skill to skill.

Planned curriculum for better results
No more winged, unplanned guitar lessons that are formed right when you walk in the door with no preparation. You’ll meet no more teachers asking you what you want to learn.



At Rochester’s School of Guitar, the teachers take the reins. After all, you wouldn’t tell a math teacher how to teach you math, so why should you tell a guitar teacher how to teach you guitar?

Rochester’s School of Guitar follows a set curriculum of success that has worked for hundreds of students, and it will work for you, too! No guesswork-only a path that has been designed to help you reach your guitar  goals in the fastest, easiest, and most effective manner possible.

The typical guitar lessons available in Rochester do not have an established plan or path for the students. The lesson materials are written down on paper and made up on the spot, rather than  prepared beforehand and catered to the individual. This lack of a specialized approach will ultimately make it take much longer for you to meet your goals- if you ever meet them at all.
Innovative system for dealing with practice for better results
For those of you who may struggle with practicing at home, and for parents who are sick of chasing their child around and pestering them to practice, Rochester’s School of Guitar has a specific method to assist in the act of practicing the guitar in order to make sure that everyone who enrolls gets the results that they want.



And for those of you who have no problem practicing at home, this system will also greatly benefit you, because it will make sure that you know exactly what needs to be done step by step so that you know that every time you pick up your instrument, you will be improving your skills.

Typically, guitar lessons have no system or method to help with the act of actually practicing your skills outside of the lesson. You may or may not even know what to practice when you get home, and you may or may not even know how to practice at home. And if you don’t learn how to practice efficiently, your results will suffer.



If you’re a parent, you’ll have to nag your kids to practice if they don’t take the initiative on their own. And  if you can’t get them to practice, then you’ll be wasting a lot of money.

Learn more than just songs: ( accommodation of interests)
Songs are definitely taught at Rochester’s School of Guitar, but songs are not the only thing that we teach. For those of you looking to develop your music skills, you’ve come to the right place. We make sure to cover a wide variety of subjects that most guitar lessons in Rochester never even touch, including the application and integration of skills, guitar phrasing, and much more. At other schools, you’ll find outdated and winged song-only lessons that you simply don’t need to be paying for. Anyone can find a couple of chords online and try to play them together, and this is why some people believe that they don’t even need in-person guitar lessons anymore. But at Rochester’s School of Guitar, you will learn why you need real, in-person guitar lessons in order to perfect your skills.
A Fun Environment
Have a ton of fun in a relaxed, warm, and welcoming environment that you’ll want to come back to week after week and year after year as your skills advance!



Rochester’s School of Guitar offers many different options in terms of how to play and learn with others. This creates a great dynamic community in which people who are interested in guitar lessons in Rochester can come together, learn about the instrument, and have a blast with friends while also improving their skills at the same time.

At other schools, you’ll learn guitar while being squeezed into a 4-square-foot room with a single guitar teacher who is constantly watching your hands. Then, after about 6-to-8 months, most people get bored of this setting and quit playing the guitar altogether. So, if you’re taking guitar lessons in Rochester and looking for ongoing personal enjoyment, that is probably not the best option for you.
Teaches Contemporary Guitar
Rochester’s School of Guitar specializes in rock, pop, blues, metal, alternative, and other contemporary styles of guitar. If you’re looking to learn contemporary guitar, you should take lessons from someone who is actually a contemporary guitar teacher. Classical guitar and contemporary guitar differ vastly in terms of rhythmic structures, theory, phrasing, and the use of the actual instrument.



When was the last time you saw a classical guitar player bend a string? The answer, of course, is never! If you’re looking for expert quality contemporary guitar education, then welcome aboard. We’ll be happy to have you and to help make your guitar playing the best it can be.

Rochester Encompasses many styles of teachers. Very heavily Jazz and classical, some contemporary teachers.


Curious about all these claims? Well, Rochester’s School of Guitar can back every single one of them up. Get started by clicking on the type of lesson that you’re looking for.

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Personal Promise and Mission:

Rochester’s School of Guitar promises to deliver a personalized lesson experience for anyone looking for guitar lessons in Rochester or the surrounding communities. Our lesson experience will focus on providing an outlet for students to explore music, develop a skillset, have fun, and eliminate the guesswork involved in learning the guitar.

Teaching guitar is 20% about the material and 80% about the person in front of you. Realizing this, Rochester’s School of Guitar will dedicate time to each student to make sure they know how to enjoy the learning process and make guitar an experience they can enjoy for the rest of their life.