Lauren B: My guitar playing has improved tremendously since coming to The Rochester’s School Of Guitar. I went from not even being able to play a song or control my fingers to being able to understand rhythm, have more control over my fingers, and able to actually play a song. I look forward to the future and seeing what I can accomplish. I have enjoyed the atmosphere of the group. I was about to give up on guitar prior to going to Chris. I had been taking lessons from another teacher for years and had only become frustrated and resigned to the fact that I wasn’t a musician. I started my lessons with Chris and I not only made a ton of progress. I also remembered the reason I had wanted to learn to begin with. I love learning and the atmosphere in the class is so supportive. I enjoy not only the progress I’ve made but also the confidence I’ve gained. I think I have been taking lessons at Rochester School of Guitar for a solid year (Covid stopped me for awhile).. I choose Chris because of his professional image online. I had wasted my time with another teacher for three years prior to coming to Chris so I was looking for someone who took it more seriously which he portrayed and he definitely didn’t disappoint. I absolutely LOVE group lessons. I was apprehensive at first thinking that it would be overwhelming and I wouldn’t get anywhere but I was wrong. Chris spends some time showing me something and then moves around the room to other people giving me time to concentrate on what he showed me, I find that the alone time takes the pressure off of somebody staring at you and I accomplish so much more.”
Mike A “After picking up the guitar after 4 years I wasn’t sure how tough it would be to get back in the mix. Since joining Chris’s School I have learned significantly more over a few months than I did in the years I was playing guitar on my own. He makes the classes engaging, identifies your strengths and weaknesses, and tailors his teaching style to suit your needs. I highly recommend the Rochester School of Guitar to those either looking to learn guitar for the first time or picking it up again after a long hiatus.”
Terry H: “I have been taking guitar lessons from Chris, since 2016. I had never picked up guitar before. I am now able to play songs and read sheet music. Chris’s method will allow me to be able to play any music i want, just by looking at the tablature. I would highly recommend Chris if want to be able to play guitar well.”
Abby Y: “I’ve been taking lessons here for over a year now, and I’ve really enjoyed my experience. Chris’s method allows you to continuously improve without it being too boring. It’s super fun and I’m proud of how far I’ve come! Definitely would recommend.”
Trevor S: “Chris is a great guitar teacher. I’ve been playing guitar on and off now for about 8 years. During that time I’ve taken lessons from numerous different teachers (some good, some bad) and even contemplated going to college to become a classical guitarist myself. One thing that immediately stood out about Chris was his ability to pinpoint all the weaknesses in my playing technique. I went 8 whole years playing with slightly flawed picking and fretting techniques because no other teacher bothered to notice or correct the flaws!
Steve Ciotti: “The fine detailed synopsis and consultation that you receive at Rochester’s School of Guitar will help elevate your playing beyond what you can do with YouTube, on your own, or other online resources. What surprised me the most when starting guitar lessons at Rochester’s School of Guitar was the amount of content and educational materials we were given. It’s a holistic approach they use to teaching guitar. You’re not just learning how to play songs, you’re learning how to play rhythm, you’re learning how to play lead, you’re learning music.”
Nicole D: “I started taking guitar lessons 4 months ago and am super impressed with how much I’ve progressed in a short time. Chris has been doing this for a long time and knows how to help his students reach their goals in a reasonable time frame. Can’t wait to see how much I improve over the course of this upcoming year!”
Chris L: “I have been playing guitar for nearly 40 years without formal instruction with only moderate success. Attending Rochester’s School Of Guitar has made a world of difference. I have overcome a serious plateau and made signi cant advances in the last 6 months. The personal attention to my needs as a player combined with a very well constructed and professional level instruction program offered at Rochester’s School Of Guitar is the key. While I have much to learn and to practice, I am nally happy with my progress. I highly recommend this school.”
Maryanne K: “I had never played the guitar before coming to Rochester’s School of Guitar. Chris gave me suggestions about what size guitar I should buy given the size of my hands and spread of my fingers in the sample lesson. I started taking lessons one week before my 72nd birthday. Probably not an ideal me to start, but that is where I was when I decided I could start. He has been patient and encouraging in his teaching and I’m growing in my ability to play simple things on the guitar and I’m having a great me doing it. Chris has a chart which allows me to see my progress. It’s most helpful. I can play several songs, albeit slowly. I get to pick the songs I learn which is a great incentive. And I’m working on 16th notes which is good progress. Chris is encouraging. He knows techniques and explains them well. As I have progressed, I can use some of the techniques myself to correct my own issues. We have fun during lessons. There are a number of students at different levels in the adult classes and its great to hear how wonderful those who have been taking lessons longer than I have do and how great they sound. I get encouragement from Chris and his staff and also from other students. And now there are newer students, I can see how well they are doing, too. We’ve had to take lessons on Zoom, but Chris is equal to the challenge and at the beginning he helped me set up so the sound was clearer. I look forward to my classes each week! It’s fun! And Chris doesn’t try to have me learn several techniques all at once. We build each class on what has gone before. When I decided to take classes, I looked up classes near me on line. There were quite a few. I think part of the deciding factor was the fact that Chris had a systematic approach to learning the guitar. My husband was a teacher and I have worked in a school guidance office. It is important for a teacher to have lesson plans and an idea in his head where each student is and what they need to master next. My initial meeting with him was good. He helped me see what I was going to be able to do from the get go and what my possible issues might be. (I’ve used my hands in ways that meant they did not start out as flexible as a younger person’s, for example.) He also suggested how we could work to improve this and he has continued to do this. And it has worked. The atmosphere at the school is special. The students work hard and are encouraged to respect the other students and the purpose of the class. But we can also joke and it’s fun! I’ll be glad to get back to in person classes again. But we s ll say hi to each other on Zoom. I still feel I’m in a class with other people working toward the same end as I am.”
Devan D: “There’s a lot to choose from in Rochester, but I’m really glad I went with Rochester’s School of Guitar. Chris is a fantastic teacher with a very structured approach that he tailors to you and what you want to get out of the guitar. Classes are very flexible, and the social aspect of the group lessons has been great, despite my initial hesitations with it. Turns out, it’s reassuring when you’re surrounded by people with the same desire as you to learn the guitar’s secrets, and have the same struggles as you. The other teacher, Adam, is also great and very knowledgeable, and their personalities complement each other well. I’ve learned much more in the past 5 months of lessons with Chris than I have in all my 15 years of “noodling” and trying to figure it out on my own. Definitely recommended.
Kevin B: (2nd-year student) “Ever since I started taking lessons with Chris, my growth has been exponential. What helps me the most is that I have a plan for what to practice. It’s fun being here, and that’s what I like the most about my lessons.”

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