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Learn How To Make Your Guitar Practice Way More Effective

How To Make Your Guitar Practice More Effective For Getting Results

It’s common for guitar players to spend tons of time practicing only to end up frustrated because they never seem to get any better. Does this happen to you to? There are many different reasons why you are becoming a better guitarist during your practice, and when you learn more about them, you can change what you do in order to get better results. 

In this article, you learn 3 big ways people sabotage their own guitar practice. Don’t make theses mistakes for yourself. 

Note: For the very best results, work together with a guitar teacher who teaches in your specific musical style and can demonstrate that he/she has helped many others become great players. Even better, find a guitar teacher who has credentials specific to teaching guitar (rather than just a general music degree). When you work with someone like this, it becomes very easy to get big results in your playing as long as you do what they say consistently.

Until you do this, here are the mistakes to avoid in order to make your practice more effective:

Not Knowing Your Musical Goals And Practicing At Random

It’s absolutely crucial to understand your musical goals in order to practice effectively. Without clear musical goals, your practice becomes random. This commonly leads to over practicing things you don’t really need to practice. Additionally, many guitarists try to practice as many different things as possible and become overwhelmed. This leads to frustration and a feeling of not knowing how to make progress. Don’t end up like this. 

Sit down and think about your specific guitar playing goals. Be as specific as you can be. Once you have determined exactly what you want to achieve, it is possible to begin putting together a schedule of things to practice in order to reach those specific goals.

Not Using An Effective Schedule Consistently And Measure Your Progress

Once you have all the practice items you need to make your schedule (for best results, work with a teacher to determine this), it is important that you practice as effectively as possible. Remember, not all skills or techniques have the same priority for helping you reach your goals, so don’t practice everything for the exact same amount of time. Also, practice integrating different guitar skills together in addition to working on them in isolation. This way you do not develop imbalance in your overall playing.

Each week, measure every detail of your guitar playing as closely as possible to see how much you’ve progressed. This tells you exactly how much you have improved and whether you need to continue working in one area of your playing or not.

Practicing Without Strong Focus And Being Distracted

It is a big mistake to practice in a mindless manner. Getting big results requires following a sound strategy to reach your goals while practicing with intense focus. This means, do not simply sit down in front of your television and practice while being completely distracted. If you need to, break down your practice into smaller intervals of time throughout the day (such as 20 minutes each session) so you can practice with total focus.

Begin implementing the tips of this article into your playing right now and watch as you get better results from your practice than ever before.