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Why Learning Guitar is Important for Youth

Blake Stevenson

Music has been around for ages. It’s benefits have been proved time and time again. Still, less and less people tend to be willing to pay for something like a music education as they are still unconvinced of the true value of something like guitar lessons. Here are 3 reasons why learning guitar is truly important for your child:

  1. It uses both sides of the brain at the same time. While listening and responding to the artistic side of music typically is reserved for the right side of the brain, responding to rhythms, pitch, tempo and other mathematical aspects is done so by the left side. Musicians that started as a child demonstrate increased brain activity and are able to pick up new languages much faster, have an increased memory, as well as demonstrating much more colorful activity through the visual cortex.
  1. Music is a very social activity. Children are naturally very social, and we should encourage behaviors that inspire them to interact with their peers. When music is played in groups and children are working together to accomplish the same goal, they begin to view themselves not just as “me” but as “we.” Studies show that youths who participated in music were more likely to help those around them then the ones who didn’t.
  1. Learning guitar builds self-esteem. Whether performing or passing that musical play test to achieve the next level, almost all successes in music lead to a higher confidence level in the individual that accomplished it. They learn discipline in their learning, which in turn, directly effects and improves their ability to complete schoolwork and excel at their adult jobs. 

Music has a lasting effect that can improve the overall quality of someone’s life. It builds character, which leads to building of better relationships in the musician’s personal and professional life. 

About the Author: Blake Stevenson is a guitar instructor based out of Cleburne, Texas. With his unorthodox approach to soloing, he has helped many guitar players achieve new heights. If you’d like to see more from Blake Stevenson, check out the best guitar lessons in Cleburne Texas.