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How learning to play fast will help your guitar playing journey

A lot of students say they never want to learn to play fast. But then when it comes to learning that killer solo which a fast lick in it. They struggle. 

I understand, it is definitely important to make sure your guitar playing sounds great before being able to shred up and down the guitar. 

However, with the right approach to learning to play the guitar with an open mind of being play fast one day will help pave the road for a less frustrating guitar journey. 

How so? 

One of the biggest frustrations I see with many guitar players is pains and aches when they play. 

When you try to play something that is outside of your current capabilities, your body tenses up. When you do this all the time, it trains your body to be tensed constantly when you play. This is very counterproductive, and can lead some guitar players to having lots of problems later on. Such as tendonitis and backs so sore that they can barely practise. 

When you learn how to play fast on the guitar effectively. This requires you to have minimum tension in the body. When you focus your body to recondition it to have minimal tension, it means you can enjoy playing guitar for longer and for the rest of your lives. 

Many guitar teachers don’t focus on this for their students, and I think it is so important to have a healthy body above all. Learning to play fast with GREAT technique is part of this. 

Recognising the fretboard super-fast

When you do lots of practise at playing fast on the guitar, involving visualising the fretboard and improvisation on the guitar. You start to get to know the fretboard really well. 

Being able to at a milli-second notice be able to spot the intervals around your notes, or being able to spot where you need to slide to for your next note will help you with headspace to think about other things. 

Wouldn’t it be great if you barely had to think about the notes on the fretboard, and focus on other things in your improvisation? Playing fast so that you can visualise the fretboard quickly gives you the headspace to do so. Especially when you then slow down. You can really express yourself. (As long as you have been practising your phrasing too!) 

Being able to advance faster on the guitar 

When you play faster, you actually increase the amount of time you are repeating the same motions, which means more neuro connections are being made. This in turns makes you more co-ordinated. 

With you being more co-ordinated, it means you can do other things with your fingers that you won’t able to before. This includes thinking of the fine motor skills required for muting. 

Being able to play fast also means you are learning to play the guitar more effectively as well, so this should also help you advance quicker. You are using less energy to play the same thing compared to someone else! 

Hope these few things have given you an insight into why learning to play guitar fast may not actually be about playing fast, but also the other benefits it can bring you as well. 

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