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Raising the standard of guitar lessons for your teen

Every parent wants to find a teacher and a music school they can feel confident will provide their teens with the skills and knowledge with which to explore music as they see fit.

This should be an easy task. However, it can actually be difficult to differentiate between teachers and schools when you don’t know what to look for in a music school. Many teachers and businesses can’t even explain their teaching methods, the benefits that they provide, and how they can help your teen, other than simply saying that they’ll get to learn how to play their favorite songs.

Faith K(2nd-year student).: “The most enjoyable aspect of Chris’s lessons is his character. I’m also not afraid to make mistakes, because they’re more of a learning experience here.”

As a result, most parents-since they have no other information-end up viewing guitar lessons as a commodity. They go for the guitar teacher that is closer, cheaper, etc, rather than being able to compare their options at a deeper level.  

Then, problems start to arise. Parents have the best intentions, but sometimes they simply don’t have enough information with which to truly decide what’s best for their teenager. Of all the nightmare guitar lesson tales I’ve heard, I typically stumble across a few common outcomes:

  •  After a while, their teen gets bored with their lessons
  •  They get to the point where they can play a few songs, and then they hit a rut and stop learning altogether
  •  The lessons become more of a hangout session than actually learning music
  •  They get massively overwhelmed by the material and stop enjoying the lessons
  •  They can’t take what they’ve learned and use it in fun ways, or as a creative outlet
  •  They get frustrated that they can’t play at the level that they want to

This can be a very disappointing experience. At Rochester’s School of Guitar, we certainly understand this. 

Lindsey Hays(2nd-year student): “The most enjoyable aspect of lessons has been that I can play guitar without someone constantly watching me/criticizing me”

And this is why we’ve devoted ourselves to raising the standard of our business and our teachers in the service of our students. We focus not only on songs, but also on fundamental music skills, and we have a great time doing it!

This new method of teaching is a dynamic, engaging, and well-tested method of instruction that will allow your teen to get the skills they want and allow them to truly explore the depths of music in a fun, creative atmosphere that is entirely different from the standard music lesson setting.

I myself started guitar when I was a teenager, and although I wound up being a good guitar player, I went through a lot of unnecessary hurdles and struggles in order to get there. However, the method of instruction at Rochester’s School of Guitar eliminates those hurdles.

Parker:(2nd-year student) “Chris makes the classes fun with his great sense of humor.”

You can get your teen the guitar lessons they need right here! At Rochester’s School of Guitar, your teen will:

    •  Enjoy a fun learning environment that will nurture their love for music
    •  Experience a judgement-free zone so that they can focus on learning instead of worrying about making mistakes
    •  Learn music skills so they can learn to have a creative outlet, instead of simply copycatting another artist
    •  Be provided with many class options that will allow them to explore music at a deeper level than most traditional music settings
    •  Learn to play guitar with others in a comfortable atmosphere
    •  Get a blueprint laid out for their specific playing goals and desires
    •  Be given a way to see their progress so that they know they’re improving every time they pick up the instrument
    •  Get a clear-cut and easy path to follow so that they can confidently grow their guitar skills
    •  Learn from an actual music teacher, as opposed to a musician (Many “teachers” out there have no teaching background. Just because you can play, doesn’t mean you can actually teach!)
    •  Be prepared for music school, if they so desire
Dante (2nd-year-student) “I’ve enjoyed lessons because I enjoy learning new things, but I’ve also enjoyed the company – it’s fun and everyone is friendly.”

Proven And Tested Curriculum:


Rochester’s School of Guitar prides itself on its proven and tested curriculum. At Rochester’s School of Guitar, your teen won’t just walk into a lesson room and have the teacher ask them what song they want to learn to play. At Rochester’s School of guitar, the teacher will tell them what to learn, when to learn it, and how to learn it properly.

You can relax knowing that we understand and have already built a plan to get your teen to play guitar at any level they desire. The only thing they need to do is show up and do what is asked of them.

Pre-Made Materials:


At Rochester’s School of Guitar, your teen will receive materials designed specifically for their own personal situation, skill level, and goals. This means that we will be able to avoid any feelings of being overwhelmed or frustrated.

If your teen is also feeling inspired and is hungry to learn, this also means that they will be able to burn through materials and work at a faster pace, keeping them continually inspired and allowing them to develop into the guitar player that they truly want to be. It will also save you some money, because they won’t have to be here as long!

Multiple Class Options:


Rochester’s School of Guitar does not run a one-size-fits-all program. As your teen starts to develop beyond the beginner stage, they will have multiple other class options opening up to them, allowing them to customize their learning experience and also giving them something new and fun to try.

Julia(3rd-year student) : “He’s very flexible, and you don’t have to focus 100% on one topic at one time.”


P.S. We only have time to run 5 intro lessons a month, so don’t wait! Fill out that form and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Are you a qualified teacher?

Yes, I am, but it’s even better then that.

I’m a member of the Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle, which is a group of international guitar teachers dedicated to providing the best service and value to students all over the world. We discuss innovative teaching styles and continue to raise the bar on providing high-quality education.

We are led and trained in the acquisition of teaching skills by the world’s most successful guitar teacher, Tom Hess.

By taking lessons with me, your teenager will be learning with the most effective teaching methods in the world. These methods aren’t just theories; they have been tested and proven time and time again to help thousands of students improve their own guitar playing.

I attend live events and seminars to improve my teaching skills every year, continuing to learn more and make my service as a guitar teacher even more valuable.

2. School is a big priority for my teenager, and I don’t want the guitar to distract him. Will this cause distractions?

Rochester’s School of Guitar has methods that have been designed to allow your teen to work at their own pace. If schoolwork needs to be a bigger focus, your teen can still learn how to play guitar without it becoming a distraction or interfering with their studies.

On top of that, the lesson times are very flexible and convenient for those with busy schedules. For example, if your teen happens to have a test and needs to study for it, he or she may come for a lesson on a different day for their lesson that week.

There are also programs that are designed specifically for kids who need to focus more on their schoolwork. During the free introductory lesson, feel free to ask me about these programs if I don’t mention them first.

3. I don’t want to spend a lot of money on a nice instrument, because I’m not sure that my teen will stick with it. Do you have instruments for rent?

Unfortunately, I don’t currently have any instruments for rent. I would like to talk to you a bit about your thinking, though. Many parents feel that they want to wait until they’re certain that their teen enjoys it before investing in a nice instrument. This sounds like a good principle in theory, but it actually has some drawbacks.

Bad guitars are harder to play, and they don’t sound as nice. This means that the chances that your teen will enjoy playing the instrument go way down, because it will be harder to play and they won’t like the sound of it.

4. I’m not from the Rochester area, but I would like to take lessons. Is that possible?

Of course it is! I have students who live 45 minutes to an hour away who drive into Rochester for lessons on a weekly basis. The Rochester’s School of Guitar serves Rochester and all surrounding areas, including but not limited to Irondequiot, Gates, Pittsford, Penfield, Fairport, Hilton, Greece, Webster, and Henrietta.