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On this page you will find articles I have written or found useful. These articles are filled with a lot of good information, so read them when you get the chance. I will post new articles often, so make sure to come back and look at these articles again.

General Articles:

How to Design a Practice Schedule: Designing a practice schedule is crucial to your growth as a musician. This article goes into depth about how to set up your schedule and how to optimize it. Bookmark this article, you will need it often.

The Correct Mindset to Learn: Many people have poor habits that impede their ability to learn. Changing these poor habits will maximize your growth. The most important habit to fix first, is your mindset.

Player, Musician and Artist: There are 3 basic groups or categories anyone who picks up an instrument falls under. Knowing which category you fall under will help you recognize what musical skills you need to work on. This is the first step in the in the right direction.

How to Master Music: Are you a beginner, intermediate or even advanced level player and unsure how to further yourself as a guitar player? No matter where you are in your musical journey, there are certain aspects of your musical skills you must develop to succeed. Learn what they are.

How to Write Great Emotional Songs Without Hurting Yourself: Do you find yourself constantly trying to find ways to hurt yourself to gain inspiration for new songs. Let me liberate you from this necessity. By reading this article you will gain the knowledge that so many others have used to write GREAT creative music.

Sophisticated Simple Music: What do you think of simple music? This article takes an in-depth look at simple music and discusses a new term, I like to call sophisticated simple music.

Musical Burnout Pt 1: The Effects of Long Practice Sessions Overtime: Practicing several hours a day can really help you grow as a musician, but it also has some negative consequences. If you practice several hours a day, you need to read this article. It will help you manage and recover from musical burnout, if it occurs.

Musical Burnout pt 2: How to Recover from Musical Burnout: Musical burnout can ruin your music career and your life. This article contains four methods for preventing and recovering from musical burnout. After you’re done reading this article, apply all the information. Then you will be on the path to preventing and recovering from musical burnout.

Voice Articles:

Do you have the Natural Talent to Sing? The world of music, especially voice, has been always been plagued with the term “Natural Talent”. This articles goes into an in-depth discussion of natural talent via someone’s ability to sing. By the end, you might very well second guess everything you’ve ever heard about natural talent.

 Guitar articles:

Beginner’s Don’t Fret the Fret Board: Many Beginners struggle to learn the guitar. In fact, most quit in the first 6 months. If you want to play guitar longer than 6 months, you need to read this article now. It addresses the common issues most beginners face when they attempt to learn the guitar.

How Not to Get Overwhelmed by Learning a New Song: This article addresses common problems that a beginner guitar player will face when trying to learn new songs. You will learn how to break a song down and learn it in chunks that will allow you to learn songs fast and efficiently.

How To Correctly Learn a Song: This article is to help intermediate and advanced guitar students benefit more from learning a song. Many players learn just the physical side of their favorite songs.If you want to be an artist it’s important to learn more than that.

Fret Board Mastery: This article focuses on the topic of visualization skills and how this affects your ability to jam, compose, and improvise. Have you ever found yourself having to sit and think about what to play for minutes or hours on end? If so, this article is for you!

Can YOU Really Become a Great Guitar Player?: Many people who begin guitar struggle with self-doubt. This article will prove to you that you can become a great guitar player, regardless of your current level or age.

How to Avoid Mediocre Results on the Guitar Part 1: The Correct Practicing Method: Did you play an instrument in elementary school, middle school or high school. Did you try to learn guitar in the same way you learned this other instrument? This article addresses why you got mediocre results trying to learn guitar in this way.

How to Avoid Mediocre Results on the Guitar Part 2: 10 Poor Practicing Habits That Will Slow Down Your Progression: Have you stopped making progress on guitar? Here are multiple habits that will slow down your progress on the instrument. Take note of the habits you suffer from and work to break them.

Why Aren’t You a Better Guitar Player?: Do you desire to become a great guitar player? All great guitar players do(or did) the things in this article to help them achieve their goals. Read this article now, your dreams may depend on it!