Guitar Lessons will benefit your child twice as much as athletic training or acting lessons and dance lessons


Signing your child up for music lessons isn’t just about music; it’s also an investment in your child’s future.

Medical science has proven that children who take music lessons experience rapid growth in brain development within just 20 days of starting music lessons!

How does Rochester’s School of Guitar fit in?

High-Quality Music Education Makes A Difference:

Rochester’s School of Guitar provides a completely NEW, dynamic, fun, enriching, and effortless learning experience to better your child’s music and life-and, in turn, your family’s as well.

In the traditional, isolated setting of music lessons, children often toil for months, making no progress, and ultimately walking away hating their lessons.

The traditional isolated music lesson in Rochester:

  •  Gets boring after a number of lessons
  •  Doesn’t encourage and make it easy for kids to practice
  •  Doesn’t provide the necessary engagement and community necessary for a child to  really grow as a person and as a young musician
  •   Provides no motivation to keep the student learning and improving
  •   Is either made up on the spot or is a cookie-cutter method used for everyone

Research has proven that children who receive higher quality music lessons do better in school than their peers do. Music lessons could even increase your child’s test scores in math, science, and many other area’s up to 20%.

Rochester’s School of Guitar provides a better experience, better musical education, and better results than our competitors.

So why would you want to stick with the usual boring, incomplete traditional methods?

Rochester’s School of Guitar provides you and your child with a completely new dynamic learning experience you won’t find anywhere else in Rochester. Your child will love it and the results will show!

By joining Rochester’s School of Guitar, your child will:

  •  Have more fun, with a more engaging learning experience
  •  Join a warm, welcoming community, and develop strong social skills and teamwork
  •  Develop self-esteem and confidence
  •  Learn a skill they can carry for the rest of their life
  •  Develop a healthy and creative outlet for self expression
  •  Increase academic performance
  •  Improve their ability to focus
  •  Learn self-discipline and what it means to reach goals
  •  Learn what it means to work for a delayed reward


All materials for your child will be pre-made and designed specifically for their personal situation at no extra expense to the student’s family. This will make the learning process much easier, because it will allow students to move at their own pace, preventing frustration and becoming overwhelmed by constantly changing materials.

At Rochester’s School of Guitar we will focus on developing common core skills. This will get your child feeling more confident, enjoying themselves and playing music much faster.

Every bit of information that you are given at Rochester’s School of Guitar—as well as the songs that you will play—will be personalized to your specific needs, situation, and current skill level. This will allow you to move at your own pace so that you can relax and enjoy the learning process without feeling overwhelmed or frustrated. And this will also allow you the oppprtunity to move very fast through the levels if you’re looking for a heavier workload and quicker results.

Whatever you put in is what you will get back, and this works great for both the business trip enthusiasts and the practice savants.

Rochester’s School of Guitar understands that every child and family has different needs. And in order to accommodate these needs, Rochester’s School of Guitar offers many different formats for lessons and classes that no other guitar school in Rochester can offer.

This will allow both you and your child to personally tailor the musical experience, making it more enjoyable-and also making sure that your child gets exactly what they came for.

More class options will open up to them as they become better guitar players, and this will provide them with an even more engaging experience while also giving them something new and more challenging to look forward to in the future.

Chris Glyde (Head Guitar Instructor)

Madelyn (3rd-year student): “I definitely prefer this style more than the previous lessons I took. The last place was small, crowded, and it was just me and the teacher. Also, we just learned out of a book. This has been a lot more fun and a lot easier, too.”

Evan (3rd-year student): “I’ve enjoyed practicing chords and rhythm, because then you can put them together and play songs!”

Mark (2nd-year student): “I’ve enjoyed group classes more than privates; there’s more humor and more energy in the room.”

Dagny (1st-year student): “I’ve enjoyed learning new songs and making new friends.”

Sofia (2nd-year student): “Learning about guitar is fun! Everyone is friendly and funny.”

I am 100% confident that your child’s experience with Rochester’s School of Guitar will be much more beneficial and fun for them than traditional lessons. Take the time to find out yourself with:

Get your child started with guitar lessons in Rochester today

Frequently Asked Questions.

1. What makes you so sure your method is better?

I’m part of an international group of guitar teachers/music teachers called the Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle. In this program, the best music teachers around the globe discuss current teaching methods and ways to improve our students’ experiences.

Through my years of studying EVERY teaching method, as well as the knowledge that I’ve gained as a part of this program, I am 100% confident that my teaching method is the best method available.

2. My child is very shy, will this method work for her?

This method of instruction is great for shy children! She will be able to find other children who are interested in what she’s learning, so she will continue to make more friends. She will also build confidence in herself as she continues to improve as a player!

If you’re looking for ways to get your shy child to open up, this is the best guitar lesson approach in Rochester that you can take.

3.Does playing guitar require natural talent?

Natural talent is just guessing correctly. Yes, people have differing levels of ability when they start out, but I’m certain that anyone can learn to play guitar. I am 100% certain of that.

The reason that a good number of childrens never become competent guitar players, even after taking lessons, is because the traditional learning process for guitar is boring!

If it was fun, then every child would become skilled and reap the rewards that we discussed about above, which is why my teaching method is designed to provide more entertainment value.

4. What if I buy an expensive instrument, and then my child does not stick with the lessons?

This fear is a self-fulfilling prophecy of sorts. If you buy your child a cheap guitar, and he doesn’t like the feel or sound of the guitar, there’s a higher chance that he will not want to continue learning.

But if you buy your child a decent guitar that he thinks is really cool, sounds great, and is fun to play, the chances are much greater that he will continue to be excited to play the instrument and continue to learn.

If you want your child to have a greater chance at success, I would recommend buying them a nicer instrument.

5. What if I don’t have enough time to drive my kids around to all the lessons?

No problem! All lessons are designed to be convenient and to allow for flexibility, so you can come when you’re ready.If your child has a school test, for example, you won’t need to come. And if you want to run to the supermarket and fit the guitar lessons in within other errands, you would be able to do so.

Rochester’s School of Guitar provides the most flexible schedule for children looking to take guitar lessons in Rochester.

6. My daughter has taken lessons before and she didn’t like them. What if she has the same experience at your school?

I am very confident that she will have a different experience here, because the teaching method is completely different. Different method, different result. I also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so that you have an entire month to decide if this style of instruction is right for her.